Praxis Acceleration Program

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To be launched in the Spring of 2020, Praxis’ three month in-residence program is designed for post-prototype companies focused on significantly increasing their scalability and accessibility for patients, including patients with SCI.

In addition to providing a seed investment, this program will focus on building your company’s investor network, access to larger funding opportunities, go-to market strategy (locally and internationally) and access to a customer base across US and Canada, including 1:1 matching.

Our criteria for accepting companies for this program include:

  • MVP completed, TRL 7 (TRL 5+ considered)
  • 1 minimum full-time founder
  • Demonstrated application to impact SCI outcomes (functional mobility, secondary complications or quality of life)
  • Ability to relocate to Vancouver for three month program
  • Legally incorporated
  • Business plan submitted, including the following:
    • Intended impact on SCI patients (# patients served, type of impact, significance of impact)
    • Description of product/service
    • Competitor analysis (what is unique about the product)
    • Financial statement and forecast
    • Marketing/customer acquisition strategy
    • Exit strategy
    • Product roadmap
    • Capital plan and raise
    • Company team


Applications to the program will open November/December 2019. To register for a reminder for the call for applications please request to be added to our email list by contacting us at with the following:

  • Name
  • Organization
  • Website
  • Email
  • Phone number