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John Chernesky, PLEX Engagement Program Manager

John Chernesky is the PLEX Engagement Program Manager at Praxis. With over 25 years of lived experience of spinal cord institute (SCI) since being paralyzed, John has participated in dozens of research studies in addition to being a co-investigator on a number of research projects. He works closely with SCI PLEX (individuals with lived experience of SCI, including people living with SCI, their family and friends, PLEX-focused community organizations and advocacy groups) to ensure research is addressing their priorities.

His strong connection to the local SCI community as well as an international network of people living with SCI brings local, national and international PLEX perspective to the SCI research field.

He is recognized as a leader in engagement and integrated knowledge translation. He has helped develop leading best-practices in engagement policy, and advises funding agencies and research institutes on their engagement policies.

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