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A Look at Spinal Cord Injury in Canada in 2020

Published in 2022, The RHSCIR network report is a detailed look at clinical and demographic data collected from 751 (611 traumatic SCI; 140 non-traumatic SCI) new RHSCIR participants in 2020.

In this report, you will find information about the type of injury, patient demographics, care pathway, length of hospital stay, secondary complications and social impacts after spinal cord injury (SCI). In Canada, over 86,000 people live with SCI, approximately 44,000 with traumatic SCI and 42,000 with non-traumatic SCI. In 2020, RHSCIR began collecting data on non-traumatic SCI in response to an increasing need to track incidence and outcomes across multiple types of spinal cord injury. As a result, this report has been expanded to include information on the non-traumatic spinal cord injury population.

The data from this report is informative to research and clinical practice as well as policy and program planning. The data provides researchers, health care providers and decision makers with knowledge that will support strategies to improve SCI care services within their institutions.

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Download the 2020 Report below


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National SCI Registry: RHSCIR

Every SCI is unique. One of the only ways to study the variations, complications and outcomes is through registries.