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Over the years, Praxis has funded over 100 SCI research, innovation and care projects.

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Man using a wheelchair descends a blue glass ramp alongside a walking woman

Current Funding Opportunities

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Request for Proposal for Clinical and Research Consulting Services for the Period June 1, 2024 to March 31, 2026

Request for proposal for clinical and research consulting services for the period June 1, 2024 to march 31, 2026
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Standing and Walking Assessment Tool (SWAT)Information at practitioner fingertips for best practices in care

Improved patient outcomes are being delivered by the Standing and Walking Assessment Tool (SWAT), which helps health practitioners target therapies to help…
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Care, Outcomes Improve Through Best Practices Clinical Tool Praxis-funded online app guides clinical SCI care

When clinicians follow best practices, people with SCI retain more physical functionality, emotional wellbeing, and autonomy; this is critical because retaining function…
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