At Praxis, we focus on advancing spinal cord injury (SCI) research innovations out of the laboratory and into the marketplace where they can benefit people living with SCI. We connect a world-class team of SCI experts and health entrepreneurs with targeted resources to support ventures across different stages of development.

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Man using a wheelchair looks at parallel metal bars with a woman standing in a rehab setting.

Building Partnerships

We partner with a number of local and international healthcare research, design and biomedical organizations and healthcare leaders to develop innovations geared towards improving the lives of people with SCI and broader healthcare outcomes.

Here are a few partners we work with:


How We Help Innovators

Research excellence: We help identify your clinical and research requirements with regards to SCI research, connect you with available resources in the field and evaluate the feasibility of your project.

SCI Community Perspectives: Through our deep-rooted relationships with SCI community organizations and leaders, gain real-world insights into how to make a significant impact with your healthcare innovation.

Access to expertise: Take advantage of our global network of healthcare leaders and individuals with lived experience of spinal cord injury.

Funding: We help make valuable connections between you, key funding sources and investors.

Here are a few of our innovation success stories:

Advisory Committee

The strategic direction of our innovation activities is provided by an advisory committee made up of experts in business development and commercialization expertise in life sciences.


Commercialization Pitch Competition Hosted in Toronto


Meet the Praxis SCI Accelerate 2020 Cohort

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