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A Look at Spinal Cord Injury in Canada in 2021

Published in 2023, The RHSCIR network report is a detailed look at clinical and demographic data collected from 682 tSCI and 466 ntSCI new RHSCIR participants. RHSCIR captures 60-70% of all acute tSCI in Canada when compared to other national data sources. In this report, you will find information about the type of injury, patient demographics, care pathway, length of hospital stay, secondary complications and social impacts after spinal cord injury.

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RHSCIR will continue to connect clinicians, researchers, health care administrators and people living with SCI in order to facilitate the translation of research into clinical practice, and promote evidence-based practices to improve outcomes for those living with SCI. As we move forward, RHSCIR will keep evolving to ensure it facilitates world class research, promotes excellence in care and meets the needs of people living with SCI.

Download the 2021 Report below

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National SCI Registry: RHSCIR

Every SCI is unique. One of the only ways to study the variations, complications and outcomes is through registries.