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Praxis CEO, Bill Barrable talks to CEO of ABI Wellness, Mark Watson, and Host Brain Mastery Podcast 

Praxis CEO Bill Barrable took part in the Brain Mastery podcast. Invited by host Mark Watson, CEO of ABI Wellness (, Bill talks about moving knowledge into practice and the importance of involving people with lived experience (PLEX) of spinal cord injury (SCI) early and always.

“Moving knowledge into practice is often more difficult than the initial research,” he says. The unique Praxis model brings people living with SCI into decisions and design so that focus stays with innovation and research that is a priority in this community.

Talking about the Praxis Commercialization programs that mentor companies in developing products for the SCI community, Bill notes that they also consider commercial viability. This includes highlighting research and innovation that can apply to other conditions and is not just unique to SCI. 

Mark asks Bill about translating research into practice so that innovation is accessible to the community that needs it. “It’s not good enough just to publish these days,” Bill adds. Partnerships accelerate the progress from bench to bedside and the Praxis SCI Registry that gathers data from SCI patients attending clinical sites across Canada helps drive progress. Partnerships and pursuing multiple avenues for solutions brings more brains on board, and helps speed up discovery and implementation.

“We’re called an institute but really, we’re a network…,” he adds.