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Epidemiology, Evidence-Based Care, and Outcomes in Spinal Cord Injury

Nader Fallah, Vanessa K. Noonan and Lisa N. Sharwood

Frontiers in Neurology issue brings together B.C. research on SCI care

Praxis was a key player in the publication of a special issue in the Frontiers in Neurology journal with 15 articles focused on epidemiology, evidence-based care, and outcomes in spinal cord injury.

Dr. Nader Fallah, Associate Director, Artificial Intelligence and Dr. Vanessa Noonan, Director, Research & Best Practice Implementation from Praxis, along with Dr. Lisa Sharwood at the University of New South Wales in Australia, were co-editors of the special issue. 

The first part of the special issue describes the epidemiology of SCI in Canada, the United States and China. The second part explores evidence-based approaches to care and patient outcomes. The increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) and analytical methods such as machine learning, as well as the implementation of a web-based tool to predict outcomes and improve care SCI, are also highlighted. Many of the articles are based on research done in B.C. With Praxis’ funding, the special issue is made freely available and can be accessed here.

This study was supported by Praxis Spinal Cord Institute and funding from the Canadian Government.

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