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Evaluation of the Ontario SCI Initiative – Executive Summary

To assess the relevance and outcomes of the Ontario SCI Initiative by Praxis and the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, an independent evaluation was conducted from April 2019 to June 2020. A mixed-method design of documentation, interviews, surveys, and case studies evaluated the relevance, implementation, partnerships, and outcomes of the Initiative, and provided a set of recommendations for improvement.

Key Findings include:

  • The Initiative was relevant and aligned with stakeholders’ priorities, including those of the Ontario government. The emphasis on knowledge translation, best practice implementation, and patient engagement distinguished the initiative from other sources of SCI funding.
  • The Initiative helped fund 21 SCI-focused projects in four different strategic areas. People with SCI were substantially involved and engaged in these projects.
  • Historic partnerships and effective collaboration were a major strength of the Initiative and essential to all activities.
  • People with SCI were empowered through increased knowledge about SCI, strengthened connections with the SCI community, and deeper involvement in research. Researchers developed stronger skills in knowledge translation and patient engagement.

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