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Introducing the IKT Guiding Principles
for Conducting & Disseminating SCI Research in Partnership

A team, including spinal cord injury (SCI) researchers, research users, and funding institutions along with our very own Consumer Engagement Program Manager John Chernesky, has partnered to co-develop the “Integrated Knowledge Translation (IKT) Guiding Principles” for conducting and disseminating SCI research in partnership with research users.

The guidelines published in Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, are a foundational tool with the potential to improve the relevance and impact of SCI research, mitigate tokenism, and advance the science of IKT.

These eight principles are designed to help SCI researchers and research users engage more meaningfully in relevant, useful, and/or useable research. The principles represent the first rigorously co-developed, consensus-based guidance to support meaningful SCI partnerships. The principles should be used early and throughout the entire research process.

The 8 IKT Principles:

  1. Partners develop and maintain relationships based on trust, respect, dignity, and transparency.
  2. Partners share in decision-making.
  3. Partners foster open, honest, and responsive communication.
  4. Partners recognize, value, and share their diverse expertise and knowledge.
  5. Partners are flexible and receptive in tailoring the research approach to match the aims and context of the project.
  6. Partners can meaningfully benefit by participating in the partnership.
  7. Partners address ethical considerations.
  8. Partners respect the practical considerations and financial constraints of all partners.

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Applying these principles can help combat tokenism and improve the relevance and impact of SCI research. 

Please reach out to if you would like to discuss the principles further.

Learn more about how Praxis incorporates IKT in our work


Our SCI Incubate and Accelerate programs follow the IKT model with engagement of consumers, researchers and industry experts across the commercialization continuum.

Grants & Funding

Praxis grants require persons with lived experience to be partners on all projects.


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