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International Self-Care Day 2023

It’s International Self-Care Day! This year Praxis is pleased to participate, raising awareness and supporting self-care by sharing resources from our new board member, Benveet “Bean” Gill, Public Speaker, Model of Diversity, Wheelchair Pageant Queen, Entrepreneur, Edmonton, AB.

She is also the co-founder of ReYu Paralysis Recovery Center, a non-profit wellness center that inspires, motivates, and promotes recovery with increased function for individuals with spinal cord injury and other neurological disorders.

Q: What does self-care mean to you as an individual with a spinal cord injury and what would you like to share with the SCI community?

Bean: Self-care means so many things to different people. To me, it means taking care of yourself…your mind, body, spirit and soul. Being intentional with your mental health practice and putting effort and love into your physical health practice. There are too many people who exist but do not live. In the SCI world, I have seen it become a competition of who has more pain and who takes the most meds… the competition is toxic.

I want to talk about who is reciting more affirmations, who can meditate the longest, who can say they are pooping daily and have healthy hair and nails. Why are these not markers of success? 11 years ago my therapist said to me “Bean, stop putting your recovery in someone else’s hands. YOUR recovery is up to YOU and no one else.” This is taking true ownership of your recovery journey. Doctors, OTs and PTs are a part of the journey but YOU are the only one who can put the work in and actually make a change. If you believe you can, you will.

Q: Would you mind telling us a little about the daily efforts you put in?

My self care routine is extensive and has evolved over the last decade.

  • I start with my alarm clock, it wakes me up by playing positive affirmations.
  • Then I put on a podcast called 7 Good Minutes which puts me in an elevated mindset.
  • I add essential oils to my rock lamp and thank my ancestors for protecting us, guiding us and for bringing our family together
  • I stand up to brush my teeth and simultaneously watch my Darren Daily video from Darren Hardy, my success mentor.
  • I then write in my gratitude journal: 3 things I’m grateful for, a positive affirmation and 3 things I’m open to receiving. Then I share my gratitude on my social media stories.
  • I practice mindfulness when I make and eat my breakfast, this meal brings me so much joy and is what gets me out of bed most days haha
  • If the weather is nice I will go on my deck and bathe in sunlight for a few minutes as I take a few deep breaths and thank to sun for giving us life
  • I spend time with my niece and nephew that live with me as kids are pure love and they are high vibe
  • Focus on nutritious foods and drinks through out the day
  • I workout at least 3 times per week (reframe the mindset: working out is a privilege, not a punishment. If you have a body that moves…move it!)
  • The MOST important part of my self care routine is….HAVE FUN!!!! Laugh, smile, dance, be silly and play! Life is boring without play!


  1. (US) Sarah Foley aka Vertical Blonde is a writer, transformational speaker, Tony Robbins Breakthrough coach and creator of The Icon Collective which has helped me immensely with my SCI mindset. She is very similar to me, we are the same age, our injuries were a few months apart and we both have made our mental and physical health a priority.
  2. (US) Fatimah Fakhoury aka Paralysis Nutrition is a Registered Dietitian who’s married to a quadriplegic and specializes in nutrition for spinal cord injury and paralysis. Our gut has a direct impact on our brain so it’s vital that we have nourishing our bodies and our minds.
  3. (Edmonton) Ash Val for massage and Subconscious Imprinting is a treatment that facilitates reprogramming of the subconscious mind to encourage it to work with you. It allows you to eliminate negative thoughts, harmful patterns and release and recognize emotions that might be allowing you to remain stuck.
  4. (Edmonton, Winnipeg & US) The Grief & Trauma Healing Centre They are stewards who gently guide and journey with people on the pathway to healing; one broken heart at a time. They are registered psychologists, social workers and counsellors.