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Interview with Stephen Ibaraki

Graphic image of cross-section of the spinal cord on black background with Praxis logo and text that reads Praxis' Bill Barrable & Arushi Raina in conversation with Stephen Ibaraki

Praxis CEO, Bill Barrable and Director of Commercialization, Arushi Raina recently sat down with multi-awarded global visionary and frequent Forbes contributor, Stephen Ibaraki to discuss how to move research innovation into the lives of people with spinal cord injury faster. By focusing on outcomes for people and impact on quality of life, Praxis is moving the needle on paralysis and the many secondary complications that come from spinal cord injury.

Technologies or any leading work that can change someone’s life take 17 years to get to market typically. At Praxis, we start monitoring this and ask, can it be used to improve human life? We get involved when there’s data to indicate that’s the case…we want to get in early where we see a potential and shorten the timeline. We try to pluck some of the exciting research — sort of like doing a scavenger hunt. — Arushi Raina

In a bigger picture, we want to have more innovation in the hands of people who have these conditions and so that they can reduce their burden of injury and illness. We’re talking about 10s of 1000s of people. If we can reduce the incidence of pressure injuries, for example, that it’s not only going to have a huge impact for people with spinal cord injury, but it’s going to have even broader impact for the general population as well because it’s such a massive problem. — Bill Barrable

Watch the interview:

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