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Sharing knowledge and best practice in spinal cord injury (SCI) care, health and wellness to animate the community-led vision of a National SCI Care Strategy.

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A Co-Created Community Initiative

In 2019, Praxis started an engagement process to create a national care strategy by building on the strengths and collective wisdom of the spinal cord injury (SCI) community across Canada. Based on community consultation, this process led to Being Bold: Toward a National Spinal Cord Injury Care, Health & Wellness Strategy Discussion Document & Consultation Report, a discussion document. What followed was the community report SCI Care for Canada: A Framework for Strategy and Action, which lays out a framework for an actionable National SCI Care Strategy, which lays out a framework for an actionable National SCI Care Strategy.

The meaningful engagement of people with spinal cord injury in the process leading up to the development of the report ensures it is relevant and has impact. As a result, the SCI Care Strategic Framework enhances understanding of what works for SCI care and in what context. It has the potential to accelerate learning from one care setting, region or environment to another.


In this month’s theme learn about Access For All: Clinical Services in Remote and Rural Areas


Putting It All Together: Catching up with our experts at ISCoS 2022

What’s your story?

Share your story and give your feedback; sharing knowledge to animate the community-led vision of Canada’s National SCI Care Strategy


Heather Gainforth: What is engaged research? and how does involving people living with spinal cord injury support Integrated Knowledge Translation?

JULY 2022

Louise Clément: What is a National Care Strategy, and why do we need one for spinal cord injury?

JUNE 2022

Barry Munro: Partnership and collaboration with people with lived experience of SCI is essential for translation into practice – partnership, community, advocacy

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Strategy Report

SCI Care for Canada: A Framework for Strategy & Action