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Praxis Announces its Lineup of Abstracts Presented at ISCoS 2021

Held on September 29 – October 2, 2021, ISCoS’ 60th Annual Scientific Meeting will once again be going virtual!

Praxis is pleased to participate in this year’s conference, sharing the latest research from the Institute and our research partners across Canada.

Scroll to see a list of accepted abstracts from Praxis and our research, clinical and consumer partners. Unless otherwise noted, posters can be viewed anytime during the conference.

To learn more about ISCoS 2021 and view the complete program, click here. We hope to see many of you virtually in September.

Accepted Abstracts

TitleProject TeamTypeSchedule
Engaging People with Lived Experience of Spinal Cord Injury to Co-Create Value-Based People-Centered StandardsC Yousefi, J Chernesky, E Cote-Boileau, V Noonan, J Parsons, N Ibrahim, C Cheng, A Luyinga Kalay, D Kingston, L ClementOral PresentationSeptember 30
14:30 – 16:45 (PST)
Establishing the World’s First International, Poly-User Spinal Cord Injury BiobankA Velenosi, K Dong, L Matzke, T Tarling, S Dee, A Aludino, L Reichl, A Tsang, L Parker, F Samadi, S Morris, A Yung, F Streijger, V Hirsch-Reinshagen, P Kozlowski, G.R. Moore, C Laule, P Watson, B KwonTalking Poster PresentationOctober 1
16:00 –17:30 (PST)
Building Capacity for Engaged Research: The New Integrated Knowledge Translation (IKT) Guiding Principles for Conducting and Disseminating Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Research in PartnershipsH Gainforth, P Athanasopolous, G Scarrow, K Anderson, J CherneskyWorkshopOctober 2
12:30 – 14:00 (PST)
The Praxis Commercialization Program: Moving Research Innovations Out of the Laboratory and into the MarketplaceA Raina, J Laskin, J Chernesky, V NoonanOral PresentationOctober 2
14:15 – 16:00 (PST)
Development and Implementation Strategies of the Comprehensive Canadian Spinal Cord Injury Clinical Practice (Can-SCIP) GuidelineBC Craven, M Bayley, On behalf of the Can-SCIP Development Team: E Patsakos, A Kua, C Cheng, J Eng, C Ho, V Noonan, M Queree, Can-SCIP Expert PanelOral PresentationOctober 2 14:15 – 16:00 (PST)
Establishing Consumer Engagement Programs and the Impact for SCI Research OrganisationsM Skrybant, J Chernesky, A Vecchio, H SihotaWorkshopOctober 2 16:30 – 18:00 (PST)
The Road to Recovery – The Effect of Rurality and Distance from Specialized Care on Outcomes Following Traumatic Spinal Cord InjuryA Whelan, C Cheng, V Noonan, S Humphreys, N Attabib, C O’Connell, S McVeigh, S ChristiePosterAvailable for viewing throughout the conference
Traumatic Spinal Cord Injuries among Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Populations of CanadaB Renne, S Ahmed, S Humphreys, D Kurban, C Rivers, C Cheng, D Wang, V Noonan, M Jeffrey, X Liu, D FourneyPoster Available for viewing throughout the conference
Developing Collaborative Partnerships to Explore Pressure Injury Risk and Management in Persons with Lived Experience of Spinal Cord InjuryS Hawes, F Banner-Lukaris, N Waters, J Chernesky, S Dolan, P Clarke-Richardson, C Yousefi, J Cobb, S Freeman, N OelkePosterAvailable for viewing throughout the conference
Cost Analysis of Spinal Cord Stimulation InterventionJ Chernesky, K Harback, I Akpinar, C Adjetey, D Tindall, V Noonan, N ThorogoodPosterAvailable for viewing throughout the conference
The Impact of Multimorbidity on Health care Utilization and Health Status in Persons with Non-Traumatic Spinal Cord InjuryH Hong, N Fallah, D Wang, A Savaliya, S Humphreys, J Parsons, C Cheng, V NoonanPosterAvailable for viewing throughout the conference
Spinal Cord Stimulation Research in the Restoration Function for Individuals Living with Spinal Cord Injuries: A Scoping ReviewJ Laskin, Z Waheed, N Thorogood, V Noonan,
T Nightingale
PosterAvailable for viewing throughout the conference
Evaluation of Passive and Partnered End-of-Grant Knowledge Translation of the Integrated Knowledge Translation Guiding Principles for Spinal Cord Injury Research: Preliminary FindingsA Shwed, F Hoesktra, K Sibley , S Sweet, P Athanosopoulos, J Chernesky, C McBride, B Mortenson, SCI Guiding Principles Panel, H GainforthPosterAvailable for viewing throughout the conference
Development of the Canadian Activity-Based Therapy Community of Practice for Spinal Cord Injury or DiseaseK Walden, K Musselman, S Ebsary, S Donkers, A Kaiser, H Jervis Rademeyer, L Bouyer, B Chan, C Gauthier, T Jeji, J Lemay, S Marshall, S McCullum, V Mushahwar, V Noonan, D Wolfe, Canadian ABT Community of PracticePosterAvailable for viewing throughout the conference
Progression of Standing and Walking Ability in Inpatient Rehabilitation: A Canadian PerspectiveK Walden, K Musselman, C Cheng, D Wang, D Gagnon, JF Lemay, Canadian SCI Standing and Walking Measures GroupPosterAvailable for viewing throughout the conference
Consumer Engagement in Practice: Results from a Spinal Cord Stimulation Research SurveyV Noonan, N Thorogood, J Chernesky, Z Waheed, S Douglas, NASCIC team membersPosterAvailable for viewing throughout the conference
Development of an International Physician-Reported and Patient-Reported COVID-19 Survey for People with SCI – ProtocolM Arora, C Kiekens, C O’Connell, E López-Dolado, F Biering-Sørensen, F Theron, I Eriks Hoogland, M Galea, R Abel, R Dhakal, R Al-Ahmar, V Noonan, L Helena Lugo Agudelo, A Spungen, T Bryce, J MiddletonPosterAvailable for viewing throughout the conference
Which Components of the Initial Neurological Examination Better Predict Functional Outcomes in Patients with Acute Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury?P Mputu Mputu, M Beauséjour, A Richard-Denis, Andréane, J Bégin, N Fallah, V Noonan, J Mac-ThiongPosterAvailable for viewing throughout the conference

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ISCOS 2021 – 60th Annual Scientific Meeting of The International Spinal Cord Society

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