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Praxis announces list of award recipients for Cure and Care Program open calls

These projects are expected to provide meaningful contributions to the SCI community in terms of innovative and transformative solutions. We look forward to the development of these projects and their success in the coming year. Congratulations to all the grant recipients!

Activity-Based Therapy (ABT) Evidence + Implementation

ABT, which involves repetitive neuromuscular activation below the level of spinal injury, typically achieved through intensive, task-specific movement practice, has the goal of promoting neuro-recovery. There is limited evidence on how to administer (e.g. timing, method, dose), track, and clinically implement ABT interventions to maximize impact on meaningful outcomes for individuals with SCI. These were identified as priority areas in the Canadian ABT Strategy. Praxis launched an open call on activity-based therapy (ABT) in order to increase evidence in these priority areas.
See the original RFA.

Advancing the Evidence and Implementation of Activity-Based Therapy to Enhance Neuro-restoration in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury

Summary of Grant Recipients

 Principal Applicant(s)Project TitleGrant Amount
1Francois Routhier & Laurent BouyerImplementation of locomotor training program using a powered exoskeleton combined with functional electrical stimulation in clinical practice for persons with an incomplete spinal cord injury – WHY and HOW to do it?$100,000.00
2Kei MasaniClinically usable and novel standing balance therapy using functional electrical stimulation with visual feedback training$121,352.78
3Chester HoEffect of early functional electrical stimulation-assisted cycling starting within 3 weeks after spinal cord injury on neurorecovery$127,863.65
4Kristin Musselman and Anita KaiserDevelopment and validation of a measurement tool to track participation in activity-based therapy for people living with spinal cord injury or disease$101,092.50

Localized Network Development + Enhancement

Across country, networks of clinicians, researchers, members of the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) community and SCI community organizations are coming together to improve care and service delivery in a collaborative and coordinated way. To support the enhancement of such networks and promote implementation and adoption of SCI evidence and best practices at the regional, provincial, national levels, Praxis requested applications for initiatives leading to strong networks that engage various SCI stakeholders and relevant organizations to facilitate and champion delivery of optimized care for people with SCI in Canada.
See the original RFA.

Development and Enhancement of Localized Networks to Optimize the Delivery of Spinal Cord Injury Care in Canada

Summary of Grant Recipients

 Principal Applicant(s)Project TitleGrant Amount
1James Milligan & Joseph LeeEstablishment of a Spinal Cord Injury Primary Care Network to Inform Best Practices and Knowledge Translation$24,960
2Colleen O’ConnellEnhancement of the Spinal Cord Injury Network of the Atlantic Provinces (SCINAPS)$25,000
3Andréane Richard-DenisOptimizing medical resources use and patient’s satisfaction in care following a traumatic spinal cord injury: a new community follow-up program emphasizing on coordinated acute and rehabilitation continuum care$24,991

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