Spinal Cord Stimulation Landscape

Promoting neuro-recovery and optimal health outcomes for individuals with spinal cord injury.

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Connecting the Puzzle Pieces for People with SCI

A world in which individuals with SCI in Canada, and eventually all persons with SCI worldwide, have access to Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) and ongoing specialized support within their communities to promote neuro-recovery and optimize health outcomes.


This landscape represents how Praxis is working to connect the puzzle pieces so that we can achieve our goal. As more initiatives are started and information is discovered the landscape will evolve. We would like anyone interested in this landscape to send us a summary of your work so that we can add more content from community projects involved in spinal cord stimulation to fill in the gaps.

Note: This innovation is currently in the exploratory phase to ensure and assess the safety and efficacy of this potential neuro-restorative innovation. Praxis is committed to evaluating this innovation to see how it can inform care and this landscape represents some of the actions we are taking to accelerate this process.

A Glossary for Spinal Cord Stimulation

Learn more about the terminology of spinal cord stimulation.


Spinal Cord Stimulation PLEX Priorities


Spinal Cord Stimulation Pre-Clinical Trials


Spinal Cord Stimulation Platforms for Collaboration in SCI Research and Care

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