In order to meet our strategic objectives, Praxis developed a framework that focuses our work, determines future activities and ultimately, contributes toward our vision of a world without paralysis after spinal cord injury.

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Engaging Consumers

Our Consumer Program is an enabling strategy for all programs and aims to effectively and meaningfully engage people with lived experience in research through (see Roadmap):

  • Connecting researchers who want to meaningfully and respectfully engage people with lived experience in their research as participants or partners in research
  • Championing integrated Knowledge Translation (iKT) and applying the principles of iKT by involving knowledge users including people with lived experience in projects
  • Leveraging existing external capacity building opportunities (webinars, workshops, online platforms) to enhance knowledge and skills of researchers in meaningful engagement of people with lived experience
  • Supporting opportunities to increase knowledge and awareness of evidence-informed SCI resources among people with lived experience to improve self-management and informed decision-making

Accelerating Cure-Based Research

Our Cure Program supports work leading to better diagnosis of, and promising treatments for SCI. Areas of focus for the Program (2019-2022) include the following (see Roadmap):

  • Biomarkers to assess impairment
    • Developing, applying and validating SCI biomarkers (including neurochemical biomarkers in the cerebrospinal fluid and blood, the microbiome and imaging)
  • Neuro-protective and neuro-restorative therapies
    • Developing hemodynamic management protocols for acute SCI management
    • Developing and evaluating rehabilitation strategies (e.g. high intensity therapy or activity-based therapy) and neuro-restorative technologies (e.g. spinal stimulation, functional electrical stimulation) as well as relevant outcome measures/data sets
    • Developing evidence-informed resources to implement activity-based therapy and existing neuro-restorative technologies

Improving National SCI Care

Our Care Program aims to achieve evidence-informed equitable and optimal care across the SCI continuum. Areas of focus for the Program (2019-2022) include the following (see Roadmap):

  • Describing and understanding the SCI Population
    • Updating SCI epidemiology and health care costs in Canada
  • SCI care and long-term health, wellness and participation
    • Assessing and selecting clinical guidelines and indicators for implementation
    • Supporting care and self-management (e.g. physical activity) by creating evidence-informed resources for both clinicians and people with lived experience across the SCI continuum
    • Enhancing and refining the SCI Standards and Qmentum Accreditation Program with key partners
    • Supporting the development of a National SCI Care, Health and Wellness Strategy with partners and stakeholders to generate consensus on the priorities and an action plan
    • Supporting the co-creation and implementation of regionally relevant and innovative solutions
  • Data, informatics and evaluation
    • Supporting evidence-informed decision-making policies and implementation of best practices through data platforms (e.g. Rick Hansen SCI Registry)
    • Validating outcome measures/data sets and developing reports (static and interactive) and other clinical tools (e.g. ISNCSCI Algorithm)
      Incorporating advanced analytical methods (e.g. machine learning, artificial intelligence) with SCI data (collection, linking, analysis, reporting)
    • Evaluating impact and return on investment (value/health economics)

Increasing Commercialization

Our Commercialization Program aims to accelerate the research to implementation continuum by: (see Roadmap)

  • Supporting companies to identify their target market, generate scenarios, and evaluate the feasibility of projects through proficiency in data analytics, model simulation, clinical studies and project management
  • Increasing the efficiency by utilizing Praxis’ pan-Canadian and international networks
  • Maximizing market reach through Praxis’ expertise in knowledge translation and implementation of best practices
  • Connecting innovators with funding sources

Selecting Projects For Funding

Praxis follows a rigorous criterion for selecting projects for funding.

General criteria

  • Strategic alignment
  • Achievable value
  • Meets defined need
  • Impact
  • Operational readiness
  • Additional criteria specific to the funding opportunity


Rigorous review process

  • Scientific excellence, consumer relevance, operational feasibility, return on investment
  • Review committee provides recommendations to CEO who makes the final decision


Open competition and strategic investments

  • In general, intakes occur twice a year


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