Praxis Advisory Committee (PAC)

The Committee advises Praxis on our strategic direction, including the integration of our programmatic activities, to achieve our vision, mission and operational and fundraising goals.

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The Committee Goals

The Committee’s goals are to foster collaboration and communication in order to promote an integrated approach to the development, implementation and assessment of Praxis’ programmatic activities and to continuously assess Praxis’ strategic role and contribution in achieving its vision, mission, operation and fundraising goals.


Making an Impact
on Initiatives

The Committee will support Praxis in determining how best to accelerate spinal cord injury (SCI) research into action and contribute toward our vision of a world without paralysis after SCI. A few specific initiatives this Committee will advise on are consumer engagement, biomarkers, neuro-restorative therapies, the SCI Care Program, the SCI Data Strategy, commercialization and emerging areas. In providing input on these specific area, the Committee will support the preparation of our strategic plan and future funding proposals.

Committee Members