SCI Climate Futures AccessCool

SCI Climate Futures AccessCool: Innovations for a Climate-Ready Future Pitch Competition

Thank you for joining us at the Praxis SCI Climate Futures AccessCool event!
It was uplifting to see a community passionate about shaping a sustainable future and making an impact in the lives of those living with a disability. Hoping to carry the momentum forward and continue our journey towards a resilient and climate-friendly tomorrow.

Special mention goes to Mimic SystemsEnersion Inc. and Blue Frontier, Inc. for their active participation in the pitch competition, offering sustainable solutions for people with spinal cord injuries #SCI. A big congratulations to Mimic Systems on winning the competition.

Thank you to our judges and panelists Stuart Hood, Spring HawesBrandon Clevenger, Ryan Hazlett Maya K., Ari Spiegal and George Benson. Your expertise, insights, and involvement added immense value to the discussions.

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