Praxis Fireside Chats at ISCoS 2021

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Join us in the virtual ISCoS Exhibition Hall for Fireside Chats at the Praxis booth. This year, we are hosting two conversations to support shared learning and collaboration among the global SCI community.

From Laboratory to Marketplace

Friday, October 1st, 10:30-11am PST

How do you assess if there’s a market for an SCI solution? How do you ensure your solution is scalable?

With Arushi Raina, Praxis Director of Commercialization

Integrated Knowledge Translation (IKT)

Saturday, October 2nd, 12-12:30pm PST

What does IKT look like and how can we engage people with SCI more fully in research projects?

With John Chernesky, Praxis Consumer Engagement Program Manager and *special guest* Dr. Heather Gainforth, ICORD Principal Investigator and Principal Investigator, Integrated Knowledge Translation Guiding Principles:

Learn how to navigate to Praxis Fireside Chats

  1. On the VFairs ISCoS platform, go to the Exhibition Hall
  2. Click on the Praxis Booth
  3. Click on the “Chat” tab at the bottom right corner of your screen
  4. The link will be posted in the Praxis Chat just prior to the event

Please arrive at the Praxis booth a few minutes beforehand. The link will be available in the chat room.

Please note: participants must be registered for ISCoS 2021 in order to attend these events.

Bring your curiosity and your questions!

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Relevant Links

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