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Re-Inventing The Wheel Movie

Joining together, a vibrant community of wheelies guide a newly injured rookie into his new life in a wheelchair.

Film Synopsis

Shedding a light on a vibrant community, “Re-Inventing The Wheel” documents the lives of active wheelchair users living in Kelowna, BC. From sailing to golfing, camping to biking, there isn’t anything this group can’t do. This is not your average peer support group and this is not your average ‘inspirational’ story you’d see in the news. People from all ‘walks’ of life and diverse abilities travel to the valley to get a little taste of this unique Okanagan Lifestyle. Follow along as this tribe of wheelies band together and aid newly injured Dan McLean and his wife Colleen into Dan’s new life on wheels. They challenge him, support him and, most importantly, guide him through struggles and triumphs. 

Coming Summer 2021.