For people who sustain a spinal cord injury, the type of treatment and care they receive in the following days, weeks and months after their injury occurs is critical in determining their long-term outcomes.

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Creating Standards In SCI Care

Praxis has partnered with Accreditation Canada — the preeminent health care accreditation body in Canada — on a set of comprehensive and evidence-based standards for spinal cord injury called the SCI Standards of Care (SCI Standards). Evidence-based standardization of care benefits not only patients, but also the health care system overall by reducing unintended variation in care. It creates more effective use of resources, improving patients’ health outcomes, and reduces the burden on the health care system.

As of June 2019, 15 hospitals across Canada have successfully fulfilled the SCI Standards. Congratulations to all involved, which demonstrates a real commitment to excellence in SCI care. For a complete list of hospitals, click here.

Taking An Integrated, People-Centered Approach

To further enhance the standards and accreditation process, in 2019, Praxis partnered with the Health Standards Organization, an affiliate of Accreditation Canada, to embark on the next phase of accreditation. The new initiative will focus on:

  • Learning from accredited facilities, non-accredited facilities and other impacted stakeholders about the value of the accreditation standards to them
  • Identifying challenges and opportunities in order to enhance the accreditation process across all aspects of care (acute care, rehabilitation and community living)

Helping Hospitals Get Accredited

Praxis continues to support hospitals in adopting the SCI Standards through the development of the Accreditation Toolkit. The toolkit includes an accessible library of resources that clinicians and policymakers can use to change practice (e.g. clinical practice guidelines, pre-printed orders), and frequently asked questions regarding the accreditation process.


Standards + Guidelines

Resources for clinical guidelines achieved through consensus and enhanced standards.

National SCI Registry

Learn more about Canada’s largest database tracking the experiences of people with SCI.


Nation SCI Care Strategy