For people who sustain a spinal cord injury, the type of treatment and care they receive in the following days, weeks and months after their injury occurs is critical in determining their long-term outcomes.

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Creating Standards In SCI Care

Two women clinicians stand at the bedside of a patient in an acute care setting.

In 2012, Praxis partnered with Accreditation Canada — the preeminent health care accreditation body in Canada — and developed the first  comprehensive acute and rehabilitation Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Standards in Canada. Health Standards and assessment programs provide value by assessing quality and safety of health systems and facilitating health system improvements through provision of evidenced-informed resources and tools.  In addition, they serve to reduce unintended variation in care so Canadians can have equitable access to quality care regardless of where they live.

To date, 16 acute and rehabilitation hospitals across Canada have successfully fulfilled the SCI Standards using the Qmentum Accreditation Program. Congratulations to all involved, which demonstrates a real commitment to excellence in SCI care. For a complete list of hospitals, click here.

Helping Hospitals Get Accredited

Praxis continues to support hospitals in adopting the SCI Standards through the development of the Accreditation Toolkit. The toolkit includes an accessible library of resources that clinicians, healthcare administrators and decision makers can use to change practice (e.g. clinical practice guidelines, pre-printed orders), and frequently asked questions regarding the accreditation process.

Taking a Value-Based, Person- Centered Approach

To further enhance SCI standards and accreditation processes, in 2019, Praxis partnered with the Health Standards Organization, an affiliate of Accreditation Canada, to embark on the next phase of accreditation.

Part I of this initiative, which was called Setting the Foundation for a Spinal Cord Injury Patient Journey Assessment Program focused on learning from individuals living with SCI, family members and caregivers, health care providers, researchers, hospital administrators, healthcare decision makers and community organization representatives from across the country about the current experience of care and the potential gaps in the current SCI standards. This initiative helped identify opportunities to enhance the SCI Standards to better meet the holistic needs of individuals living with SCI.

In addition, to gain a deeper understanding of people’s experiences transitioning out of the hospital and/or rehabilitation settings and back into their communities, we created an experience map, “The Journey from In-Patient Rehab to Home and Community,”  in collaboration with Health Standards Organization (HSO) for people living with spinal cord injury using a Photovoice methodology. The document includes key goals and needs, challenges and barriers, and recommendations for improving the overall experience of transitioning back to community living.

The Experience Map was co-designed by individuals with lived experience of SCI and outlines the experiences of people with a spinal cord injury in the 0 to 18 months after leaving rehab and returning to their home or community. To learn more about the findings, please read the “Insights Report Hearing from People with Lived Experience of Spinal Cord Injury.”  

Informed by these findings, the next phase involves development of the CAN/HSO S3402:2022— Integrated People-Centred Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Program to provide health and social service organizations and their associated specialized SCI rehabilitation care teams latest evidence-informed requirements for SCI rehabilitation program delivery at any point of care and in any care setting, focusing on principles of people-centred care, coordination, and integration.

To learn more about this initiative and how you can participate in the development of the CAN/HSO S3402:2022— Integrated People-Centred Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Program please visit:


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