Learning Circles

Knowledge-sharing in spinal cord injury care, health and wellness. Through collaboration, openness and supported learning, we can build a national system of equitable and optimal care.

Spinal cord injury (SCI) Learning Circles are a grassroots storytelling approach to animating the vision of a national strategy for SCI care. Guided by values of collaboration, openness and sharing, partnerships, and supported learning, they demonstrate a commitment to excellence for the vision of SCI care in Canada.

Examples of SCI care excellence are already present within Canada. These stories need to find their way to audiences in SCI networks to build an optimum system of care, health and wellness.

A Co-Created Community Initiative

SCI Care for Canada: A Framework for Strategy and Action (the SCI Care Strategic Framework in brief) is a community report serving as the basis for a national strategy in SCI care. The SCI Care Strategic Framework is centred on the lives of those living with SCI above all.

The meaningful engagement of people with spinal cord injury in the process leading up to the development of the report ensures it is relevant and has impact. As a result, the SCI Care Strategic Framework enhances understanding of what works for SCI care and in what context. It has the potential to accelerate learning from one care setting, region or environment to another.

Read and download the full report.

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Strategy Report

SCI Care for Canada: A Framework for Strategy & Action