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Request for Applications: Spinal Cord Injury Implementation and Evaluation Quality Care Consortium

About Praxis

The Praxis Spinal Cord Institute is a Canadian-based not-for-profit organization that drives innovation in spinal cord injury (SCI) research and care.  By facilitating an international network of researchers, health care professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, individuals with SCI, and their supporters, we strive to improve the lives of people living with SCI in Canada and around the world.


In partnership with the SCI Implementation and Evaluation Quality Care Consortium (SCI-IEQCC) Leadership Team, Praxis is pleased to make funding available to support participation in the SCI-IEQCC outside of Ontario.  The SCI-IEQCC is an Ontario-based quality improvement initiative aimed at implementing indicators and building capacity in implementation science to help optimize rehabilitation care.  Over the past year, Praxis has worked closely with the leadership of SCI-IEQCC as they implement indicators at five Ontario SCI Rehabilitation Centres.  Funding in Ontario for the SCI-IEQCC is supported by the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation.  For more information on SCI-IEQCC, see their Spring Newsletter.

The SCI indicators being implemented in Ontario were created as part of the SCI-HIGH Project, which developed a structure, a process, and an outcome indicator for eleven rehabilitation domains. The SCI-IEQCC is currently working on implementing the first six of the eleven domains:

  • Emotional Well-Being (link)
  • Sexual Health (link)
  • Urinary Tract Infection (link)
  • Tissue Integrity (link)
  • Walking (link)
  • Wheeled Mobility (link)

The SCI-IEQCC is focused on implementing indicators for these domains and the related best practices.  Members participating in the SCI-IEQCC are asked to participate in group implementation activities in a community of practice (CoP) environment.  The goal of CoP is to build capacity in implementation science and to share practices across sites, while routinely reporting indicators of quality care and working toward benchmarks of quality care.

SCI-IEQCC roles at each site include:

  1. Site Lead:  Provide oversight, guidance and leadership for strategic planning and coordination of network activities.
  2. Implementation & Evaluation Specialist (IES):  Participate in the development and implementation of key activities and best practices through the application of implementation science to optimize success and sustainability.  Shares learnings encountered during the implementation process with the SCI-IEQCC IES Team.
  3. Data Entry Clerk:  Collect data obtained throughout the implementation activities.  This may be associated with the primary indicators or other aspects of the evaluation, in addition to supporting implementation processes (e.g. driver analysis, improvement cycles, practice profiling). Report to IES and Site Lead.

Description of this RFA

Praxis is pleased to support the expansion of SCI-IEQCC and invites RHSCIR site stakeholders (i.e. Principal Investigators, QI Leads, etc.) affiliated with Canadian RHSCIR Rehabilitation sites outside of Ontario, with an interest in and the capacity to work with the SCI-IEQCC Leadership Team, to apply for funding to implement one or more of the six domains listed above.  The data collected as part of these indicators will complement the existing RHSCIR data (e.g. Spinal Cord Independence Measure [SCIM]) aiming to further support SCI care delivery.

The deadline to submit an Expression of Interest has now passed. Please check this page frequently for updated FAQ. They will also be shared over Praxis social channels.

Award Amount and Term

The maximum amount an individual site can request is C$75,000 for a term ending no later than March 31, 2022. Award amounts will be determined based on an assessment of the information provided in the application and availability of funding.

Awards may be used to support direct project expenses including both the Site Activation Phase (e.g. staff recruitment, completion of Data Sharing Agreements [DSA], site training) and the Implementation and Data Collection Phase.  Ineligible expenses include:

  • Rent
  • Capital expenses (e.g. computers, office equipment, furniture, fixtures)
  • Indirect expenses (overhead, administrative costs)
  • Travel and accommodation expenses (prohibited during pandemic)
  • Activities that are not part of the initiative
  • Costs that are already otherwise funded

RHSCIR site data and some project infrastructure should be leveraged, in addition to specific project and data collection activities for this implementation project, to achieve enhancements in quality care.

In addition to existing DSA between Praxis and each site, individual sites will sign a new DSA with University Health Network-Toronto Rehab Institute to share data with the SCI-IEQCC team (template will be provided).

Eligibility Criteria

The Principal Applicant must:

  • Be affiliated with a Canadian RHSCIR Rehabilitation site outside of Ontario (e.g. RHSCIR Site Principal Investigator, QI Leads, etc.) which is in good standing to hold Praxis funds (be a qualified donee registered with Canada Revenue Agency)
  • Be in a position which allows him/her to pursue and lead independent initiatives, including the proposed project
  • Accept Praxis’ conditions of funding (Appendix 1)
  • Disclose all real or perceived conflicts of interest (COI) (Appendix 2 and 3)

Key Dates

Key DatesTarget Date
Deadline to submit Expression of InterestOctober 5, 2020
Deadline to submit ApplicationOctober 30, 2020
Acknowledgement of Receipt of ApplicationWithin three business days of receipt
External ReviewNovember 2020
Notice of DecisionBy December 11, 2020
Acceptance of AwardWithin three business days of notice

Application Process

1. Expression of Interest
Applicants must express their interest to submit a full application by emailing before the deadline with the following:

  • Name of Principal Applicant
  • Name of RHSCIR Site
  • Domain(s) of Interest
  • Use “SCI-IEQCC: Name of Principal Applicant” in the subject line

2. Full Application
Details on application requirement are provided in the Application Form.  Completed applications should not exceed four pages excluding all appendices (e.g. budget, table of milestones).  The application will address:

  • Anticipated impacts of site participation in SCI-IEQCC
  • Organizational Readiness Assessment Questionnaire
  • Brief operational summary
  • Stakeholder engagement activities
  • Knowledge translation and dissemination activities
  • Timeline of milestones and deliverables
  • Budget request (use template – Appendix 4)

Applicants are encouraged to contact the SCI-IEQCC Leadership Team (see Contact Info section below) for guidance on the Organizational Readiness Assessment Questionnaire and considerations for a successful application.

Review Process

For quality improvement purpose, a committee consisting individuals with lived experience, members from Praxis, SCI-IEQCC Team, and external reviewers will evaluate the applications using the criteria below.

Evaluation criteria for this RFA include:

  1. Site engagement (e.g. use of SCI Accreditation Standards, use of RHSCIR data for QI locally, involvement with RHSCIR best practice implementation initiatives, etc.)
  2. Quality of the RHSCIR data and RHSCIR site performance (e.g. consent rate, data quality, use of RHSCIR data based on submitted RHSCIR Annual Site Reports)
  3. Evidence of committed resources leveraged from other sources (e.g. funding, in-kind contribution, personnel/staff time)
  4. Operational readiness to implement indicator (as per Assessment)
  5. Number of domains and indicators to be implemented and related best practices planned

Funding Decision

Upon completion of the review process, the committee presents a recommendation to the CEO for the final funding decision. Successful applicants and the award amounts will be published on the Praxis website.

Contact Information

Please contact for questions regarding this RFA. For questions on SCI-IEQCC operations, please contact Dalton Wolfe, Implementation Lead, at and/or Cathy Craven, Evaluation Lead, at


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