Clinician Education

Praxis provides a variety of toolkits and educational resources to help improve the standard of SCI care delivered by clinicians and health care providers.

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Clinical Assessment Toolkits

Praxis has developed a set of toolkits that outline assessment information collected through RHSCIR to support collection across RHSCIR sites. Toolkits are currently housed on our project partner website. Visit SCIRE to download toolkits in the areas of:


Find out about trends in each of these areas, and how your site compares with sites across the country. Contact us at

Neurology Resources

The ISNCSCI is an examination used to determine the motor and sensory impairment and severity of an SCI developed by ASIA. It gives clinicians and patients a common language to talk about spinal cord injuries. It is also a powerful research tool to measure the effectiveness of treatment techniques and protocols.

We offer ISNCSCI education to clinicians in a variety of ways, including:

  • Supporting access to the ASIA’s online e-learning program (INSTeP with certificate) – access is available for all clinicians/researchers/trainees affiliated with RHSCIR
  • Providing hands-on clinical training
  • Providing the ISNCSCI Algorithm

Click here to watch our latest webinar on the 2019 ISNCSCI updates.

Interested in ISNCSCI education or resources? Send us an email at

Additional Resources

Canadian Spinal Cord Injury Clinician Directory
The goal of the directory is to move forward best practices in treatment and management of SCI.

Rick Hansen Spinal Cord Injury Registry Reports
Learn more about SCI in Canada.

Sexual Health Courses For Clinicians
Delivered online by BCIT and supported by Praxis.

Rehab E-Scan Atlas
Learn about the complexities of SCI rehabilitation in Canada.

Knowledge Mobilization Network Informing Implementation Guide
A practical, evidence-informed and comprehensive resource to support the effective implementation of best practices in health care settings.

Bladder Management Resources
Acute bladder management algorithm (Vancouver Coastal Health) and bowel program educational poster (Vancouver Coastal Health)

The CanPain SCI Clinical Practice Guidelines For Rehabilitation Management Of Neuropathic Pain After Spinal Cord Injury
Screening and diagnosis recommendation, treatment recommendations and model systems of care.

Scientific Publications

See a list of Praxis’ research network publications.

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