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Meet the 2021/2022 SCI Incubate Grads

Praxis SCI Incubate Cohort 2021-22 Graduation with company logos

We’re very happy to announce our most recent graduates in the Praxis SCI Incubate program  .

Five companies join the list of amazing alumni in our two commercialization programs.

Our most recent 2021/2022 SCI Incubate cohort has five companies; we’re delighted to introduce them to the community and we’ll be following them closely.

Kalogon “First Smart Cushion designed to assist in the healing and prevention of pressure ulcers or bedsores.”
NanoTess “Cutting edge health solutions through material science.”
NeuralDrive “Improve neurostimulation rehabilitation through neural interface”
• NovaSense (previously known as SomaSense) “Providing intelligent sensing and personalized user solutions for pressure ulcers and chronic wounds.”
Neuro Vigor “Treating neuropathic pain in SCI through neuro-protection.”


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