Achieving Evidence-Informed Equitable Care

Applying a learning health systems approach to change the future of spinal cord injury care.

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Moving from Data-to-Knowledge-to-Practice

Praxis Spinal Cord Institute works with a diverse range of partners on multi-disciplinary projects and initiatives to help improve access and quality of spinal cord injury (SCI) care.


We engage people with lived experience in our research and best practice implementation initiatives using Integrated Knowledge Translation (IKT) throughout the research cycle. Through this people-centred lens, we then apply it to a learning health system approach (data to knowledge to practice) to achieve evidence-informed, equitable, and optimal care. The approach starts with stakeholder engagement and knowledge generation (1-3), followed by knowledge translation and dissemination (4-5), implementation (6-7), evaluation (8), and national coordination (9).


Learn more about the PraxisModel: Accelerating Research Into Practice

Each step in the data to knowledge to practice cycle1 guides Praxis activities. Click on the diagram below to read more about a few initiatives Praxis and our partners are working on.

1 Friedman C, Rubin J, Brown J, et al. Toward a science of learning systems: a research agenda for the high-functioning Learning Health System. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2015;22(1):43-50. doi:10.1136/amiajnl-2014-002977

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What We Fund

National SCI Registry

Every SCI is unique. One of the only ways to study the variations, complications and outcomes is through registries.


IKT Guiding Principles

Praxis initiatives are made possible through generous support from