Celebrating The Many Women Who Work With Praxis to Make an Impact in The SCI Community

In honour of International Women’s Day (IWD), Praxis recognizes the significant contributions women make across the globe. Our admiration and gratitude goes out to every woman who improves the lives of individuals with spinal cord injuries through science, research, technology, innovation, health care and in every setting.

This year’s theme for IWD is #EmbraceEquity, bringing attention to what we can do to create an equitable, diverse, and inclusive society. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the accomplishments and contributions of the women at Praxis who partner with us and collaborate on many different projects. It allows us to further our vision of a world without paralysis.

Read along to learn about Praxis women in various roles.

  1. Dr. Vanessa Noonan part of team leading $24 million project to treat spinal cord injury https://praxisinstitute.org/vanessa-noonan-mend-the-gap/
  2. Arushi Raina: honored as a young alumna excelling in two divergent careers at 2022 AAVC Awards https://praxisinstitute.org/arushi-raina-honored-as-a-young-alumna-excelling-in-two-divergent-careers-at-2022-vassar-college-alumni-awards/
  3. Praxis SCI Accelerate cohort alum AbilitechTM Medical Founder, President & CEO, Angie Zavoral Conley talks about “wheelchair for the arms,” a new standard of care that can help many who lose arm function live more independently. https://praxisinstitute.org/in-conversation-with-praxis-sci-accelerate-cohort-member-abilitech-medical/
  4. Chloe Angus, Director of Human Centred Design and User Engagement, talk with us about the next generation of self-balancing, natural walking exoskeletons that offer a full range of motion. https://praxisinstitute.org/in-conversation-with-praxis-sci-accelerate-cohort-member-human-in-motion-robotics/
  5. Praxis SCI Incubate alum, AXONIS Therapeutics CEO & Co-Founder Dr. Joanna Stanicka, talks with us about restoring movement in paralyzed patients after SCI through tissue reactivation and neuron regeneration. https://praxisinstitute.org/in-conversation-with-joanna-stanicka-axonis-therapeutics/
  6. Praxis BC Interior Regional Clinical Liaison, Shannon Rockall, on hosting a series of supplementary education sessions for clinical practitioners to tackle the lack of local specialized services for SCI. https://praxisinstitute.org/bringing-lived-perspectives-for-local-sci-care/
  7. Praxis Staff spotlights: Gwen Dziwenko, National Clinical Liaison and Amy Liu Human Resources Manager
  8. In conversation with Praxis SCI Incubate Cohort Member, NanoTess – Founder Megan Leslie featured in a recent growth story. https://praxisinstitute.org/in-conversation-with-praxis-sci-incubate-cohort-member-nanotess/